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A candidate with the grit and gumption to govern with integrity.

I am a Democratic candidate for Scio Township trustee; one of 7 candidates running for 4 positions. It is a competitive race, so I am seeking your support and vote in the August 6th primary election. I have 20 years experience in public office having been elected and re-elected as Franklin Trustee and Franklin Public LibraryTrustee in Oakland County. In Scio Township, I was recently appointed by the Board of Trustees to the Compensation Commission. I invite you to read on to get to know me and understand my priorities.




These are traits that differentiate a strong leader from a person who just fills a seat. These are the traits I want my elected officials to have. If you want a trustee with the grit and gumption to govern, I am your person. 

GRIT: Firmness of mind or spirit, unyielding courage, backbone, resolve, guts, pluck, spunk. Strength of character that enables individuals to persevere and passion for long-term goals and the determination to keep going even when setbacks arise. 

GUMPTION: Get-up-and-go that makes undertaking difficult things possible, initiative, levelheadedness, sensibleness, resourcefulness that drives bold action toward goals, thinking outside the box.

GOVERN: To direct or participate in the making and administration of policy, to have decisive influence, preside over.

If you want a trustee with the
grit and gumption to govern, I am your person.

Judy DeVooght Moenck

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