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Judy DeVooght Moenck

A candidate with the grit and gumption to govern with integrity.

Deliver public services at exceptional level.

Delivering public services is Job #1 for a local government. Our township’s mission is to deliver public services to protect public safety and health, manage public works (water, sewer, snow removal, trash pickup), regulate land use, protect the environment and collect taxes.

My goal is to deliver mission essential services at a level that exceeds expectations.

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Restore confidence in Scio Township government.

Prioritize public service and residents above self. Encourage understanding while  respecting differences. Acknowledge staff contributions. Insist upon transparency.

“a trustee is….in a position of public trust….for the best interests of the public.”

Professional decorum in public forums is non-negotiable.

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Fiduciary discipline.

Meet all statutory requirements. Live within our means by establishing guardrails on taxes. Pursue alternative funding sources for discretionary projects.

Spend conservatively and save for tomorrow. 

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Respect diversity of land use.

A Master Plan is THE definitive plan for land use in a township. It’s a strategic view of what we want to save, where we want to go and provides a road map how to get there. Thriving communities achieve land use harmony by knowing who they are and who they want to be. 

I strongly support the trustees read the current land use plan so their actions result in  a sustainable mix of neighborhoods, rural housing, agriculture, business and open-space. This is imperative if we want to save the unique character of our community.

With Scio residents and leaders sharing a sustainable vision, zoning decisions and spending priorities will remain laser focused on public benefit.

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Stewardship of natural gifts.

Protect our environment. Conserve our natural resources. Preserve legacy habitats and lands. Identify and mitigate pollution, e.g. Gelman site cleanup. Promote outdoor activities by making parks, paths and recreation safe and accessible. Celebrate our centennial and sesquicentennial farms and historical East Delhi Road Bridge.

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SCIO Proud!

Support grassroot initiatives that encourage community spirit and pride. Scio has more commuting than congregating. I encourage community organizations, neighborhoods, businesses, associations (etc.) to sponsor events, activities, markets, (etc.) to build community and facilitate neighbor-meeting-neighbor gatherings. Let’s be SCIO Proud!

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